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Avaya is a leading global provider of next-generation business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified communications, real-time video collaboration, contact center, networking and related services to companies of all sizes around the world. Avaya helps our customers bring people together with the right information at the right time in the right context, enabling business users to improve their efficiency and quickly solve critical business challenges. Because our solutions are based on open standards, our customers can decide what works best for them. Our objective is to give people the best collaboration experience, regardless of the devices, locations, or media they choose.


Contact Center as a Service is the cloud contact center solution that enables an organization to deploy the latest technology without the required investments as required in a traditional setting. is a fully functional multi-channel contact center with great flexibility and scalability, which helps to improve the overall customer experience.


Knowledge base. We want anytime, anywhere, quickly find answers. This applies to the visitors of your website, but also to your internal staff. Whether you have a website with a few dozen or a few thousand visitors, Polly answered every question cheap, easy and efficient.



Pridis BV is an independent Dutch company, which is specialized in the development of communication management software. We design, develop, sell and support our own products in the field of telecommunication-management, billing, desktop, scripting and routing applications. Installation and support are provided by our own organization worldwide In real-world applications, using telecom and IT creates a valuable combination, which makes communication easier, more transparent and more cost-effective. Government agencies, the health care sector and financial organizations make intensive use of Pridis applications. Pridis products find their way to the customer through a comprehensive reseller network both in Europe and in the United States. Support and training by top-notch and highly experienced staff is coordinated from Pridis headquarters in the Netherlands.


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