- Reporting & Analysis

Managing your contact center: to measure is to know!

Managing your contact center and determining the right capacity is difficult if you do not have historical and real-time reporting. The management of your client expects periodical reports which informs them of the performance of the contact center. In addition, by analyzing these reports, you can increase the performance of the call center. After all, it provides you with insight into, for example, average talk times, waiting times, and the performance of all your call center employees.

Call center management reports

Historical and real-time call center management reports can be requested from the ViPcom  solutions by default. The contact center reports are directly accessible via the supervisor application or externally by using a URL. You can retrieve a large number of reports in various file formats covering a period you specify and focusing on call center agents or queues.

Real-time dashboard and scheduled reports

Real-time contact center reports are easy to set up yourself, so that you have access to a dashboard with the information that is relevant to your call center. The call center software solution also offers scheduled reports. This allows you to send reports and analyses at set times to a group of persons you specify. This means you no longer have to worry about sending weekly or monthly call center management reports!

Complete control over your contact center

In a secure reporting environment, you can use over 25 reporting templates which contain information about queues, agent performance, and individual calls. In this interface, you select the period that the report should cover, what agents or queues should be included, and how the report should be structured. Within a few clicks, you have all the information you need to adjust and optimize your contact center. This way, you are in full control!

Benefits of call center reporting & analysis

  • Insight into incoming and outgoing call traffic
  • Large number of standard report templates
  • Monitor the contact center and improve performance
  • No need to worry about sending management information