- Omnichannel customer contact

The customer decides how and when to contact you

Does your organization have insufficient structure in the different contact channels in handling customer contact? Do questions via e-mail remain unanswered for too long? Nowadays, customers decide how and when to contact you. Therefore, you should ensure they can reach you via phone, e-mail, chat, and social media, both during and outside office hours. Many contact centers have to merge systems in order to handle all customer contact channels. Adding separate components for handling other channels requires a high investment. In addition, each system has its own database, management tools, and reporting functionalities.

All customer contact channels in one system

A Multi-channel contact center software solution unifies all the different channels. The system allows contact centers to apply the same routing rules to all types of channels within an ACD system. All these channels are seamlessly merged in a queue and routing intelligence and every type can follow the same call flow and routing rules. Moreover, all types of contact are tracked and managed by one database and one set of reports.

Optimally deploying employees

Through Unified Queuing, calls are distributed among the available employees based on priority or time of entry. Each employee can be assigned skills for the various contact channels. This way you can, for example, assign the e-mail skill to an employee who has a good command of the Dutch language. In addition to creating structure within the contact center by giving every type of conversation the right priority, this also allows you to ensure that the skills of employees are optimally utilized.

Benefits of Multi-channel call center software

  • One system for all your customer contact channels
  • One database for all your reports
  • One comprehensive management portal