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Why Customer Self Service?

Do you often have long queues or need to utilize your full capacity for customer service to be able to handle all the questions? Are many questions of the same nature easily answered? You can save costs immediately and increase customer satisfaction by using Customer Self Service. The customer serves himself, which prevents a call from ending up in the contact center. A question that is handled automatically costs only 10% of what it would cost if the question ended up in the contact center. In addition to this significant saving, the contact center agents now have more time to handle complex questions with a high value, which also allows them to get more pleasure out of their work.

Handling questions automatically

Using the phone self-service application by Mtel, frequently asked questions can be handled without needing an employee. For example: a caller wants to request a copy of an invoice and is presented this option in the IVR. The caller is identified by his phone number or enters a unique code (such as a customer number). Within a few seconds, thanks to a link with the CRM system, the customer receives the requested copy. The customer is told that the operation was successful and terminates the call. This means a customer service employee will not need to spend any time on answering this question, and can focus on more complex questions. 

Examples of Customer Self Service

Self Service can be deployed very broadly and is not dependent on a branch or a service/product. Think of retrieving balance information or transactions, requesting a form, or registering a parking action. 

Benefits of Customer Self Service

  • Fewer calls in the contact centers
  • Fewer abandoned calls
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Cost reduction
  • Shorter queues