ViPcom als oplossing voor de retail

The ability to resolve customer service issues at first contact has become the key driver of customer loyalty. But the continued growth of e-commerce, conversational channels and customer expectations has exceeded the capacity of existing CX technology.

Een betere manier om in contact te komen met uw klanten, voor ze te zorgen en ze te leren kennen - waar en wanneer dan ook.

Een specifieke oplossing voor de detailhandel die vanaf de eerste dag bedrijfswaarde oplevert.

A unified view of all customer interactions allows brands to meet customers where they are. Preconfigured retail workflows and scripts ensure that value is added to every conversation. And intelligent bots that are fluent in retail provide faster processing.

ViPcom offers multiple AI-powered solutions, With end-to-end customer service platforms such as Talkdesk. Created specifically for retailers to drive brand loyalty and customer lifetime value across digital and physical channels.


Gemaakt om waarde te creëren vanaf de eerste dag.

Uw klanten

Uw bedrijf

Uw personeel

Versnel snelheid naar resolutie

Make it easy for your customers to
reach you at the place, time, channel
or device of their choice, or to
help themselves through voice and digital
bots trained in advance to
solve common retail use cases.

Klantwaarde levenslange waarde en loyaliteit

Position your contact center
as an integral part of your brand promise
promise by equipping your team
equip them with tools to provide in-depth
build, boost sales and
build loyalty in every conversation.

Verminder training en verloop

Empower your team in no time at all
grow in no time using
Of AI tools such as
preconfigured retail workflows,
scripts, next-best-actions, access
to customers’ digital shopping carts
shopping carts and more.

Verminder de moeite en frustratie

Connect your customers with the best
employee to help – whether they are
in the contact center, a store,
or in another department-through
smart, contextual and priority

Maximaliseer uw technische stack en verlaag kosten

Improve time-to-value with
A platform that is easy to set up,
maintain and monitor. Close your
current technologies in no time with
ready-made integrations and
easy-to-build connections.

Verbeter de productiviteit en samenwerking

Equip your digital and in-store
staff with customer interaction
history, order details and a complete
history of conversations

Anticiperen op de behoeften

Take advantage of real-time and historical
analyses for the reasons
behind customer inquiries (such as
such as “where is my order” or returns),
and couple that insight with proactive
communication and automation tools.

Real-time rapportage en zichtbaarheid

Proactive and actionable
reports, dashboards and insights
of your customer service platform
To all the functions of your organization.

Optimaliseer en uw personeel

Improvement opportunities for employees
opportunities related to service
quality, consistency, aftercare
work and compliance – all based
Based on customer feedback, transcripts
and KPIs.

ViPcom as a solution for retail