Frank Barendsma

Kawasaki Motors Europe

We were looking for a partner who could keep up with our speed. In ViPcom, we have found such a partner.
Fully in line with our own products, I expect our suppliers to be there when you need them with the same quality, knowledge, service and speed. And at ViPcom, we find this to be true. They came up with a solution for us that fit well with our views. Meanwhile, ViPcom also looks after our other branches in Europe.


Dave de Groot

Bose Corporation

ViPcom has a fantastic team that we have enjoyed working with for years, the professional focus and commitment fits well with our organization and thus indirectly contributes to realizing our vision for Customer Experience. ViPcom is the strategic partner with whom we have realized this, from office environments to Enterprise contact center solutions. At Bose, we’re obsessed with performance the little details that make a big difference and the big details that astonish.