Cooperation Between Employees

Employees are your organization’s most important assets, but also its biggest expense. If you know how to properly engage your employees and use them efficiently, you will realize huge savings. A happy employee makes for happy customers.

Employee Collaboration Empowerment

Our Employee Collaboration Empowerment software integrates your contact center, telephony system and back office. It focuses on seamlessly and efficiently connecting all employees within an organization and encouraging collaboration among these teams. By sharing knowledge and coordinating talent, your company’s services can be extended beyond the contact center, leading to increased efficiency, cost savings and customer satisfaction.

Employee empowerment

Using plug-and-play integration tools for Microsoft Teams , Zoom and Slack, for example, improves the performance of these teams and optimizes contact center operations.

Get your front office and back office teams working better together to solve complex problems faster and satisfy customers at first contact.


Improve employee collaboration, increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Solution at first contact

Facilitate successful team collaboration to solve complex problems faster and resolve issues at first contact.

Microsoft Teams Connector

Connect your agents to the rest of the organization and improve collaboration among employees.

Zoom Connector

Improve your team performance by summoning experts from across the organization within a single interface.