Quality & Planning

An optimal customer experience (CX) is critical to your business. Customers want to have a valuable and positive experience when they contact them. Companies that cannot offer this will see their customers drop out. Good customer service that empowers the customer to realize the solution themselves increases appreciation for the company.

Workforce Engagement Management (WEM).

Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) is an integrated suite of intelligent tools and solutions designed specifically to help agents deliver exceptional CX. This platform helps manage, develop and improve agent engagement. In addition, WEM optimizes operational efficiency in the contact center.

Under the heading of WEM are Workforce Management and Quality Management, which with an integrated suite offer many benefits in increasing efficiency and improving quality within your service department.

The WEM platform offers, among other things:

  • AI-powered workforce management and planning
  • Shift bidding
  • Quality Management
  • Recording interactions
  • Performance Management
  • Agent assistance
  • Mobile app conversations
  • Knowledge Management

With Workforce Engagement Management, companies can improve the agent experience and increase employee engagement while providing the best customer service.

A seamlessly integrated WEM experience

Workforce management
Optimize staffing and scheduling with AI-powered, omnichannel workforce management. Intuitive and user-friendly.

Shift bidding
Improve flexibility and employee satisfaction. Shift bidding gives control over work hours and availability, optimizes scheduling and reduces turnover.

Quality management
Evaluate interactions between agents efficiently. Give agents actionable feedback so they can provide a better customer experience.

Recording interaction
Record every customer contact point with synchronous voice and screen recording, clear waveform display and timestamped annotations for a complete picture.

Performance management
Give managers visual data that allows them to find development opportunities and offer agents personalized coaching.

Agent assistance
Help agents during customer interactions with automated assistance, contextual recommendations and the most appropriate next steps.

Mobile App Conversations
Give agents the tools to engage with customers anytime, anywhere and deliver excellent customer experiences even from a home situation or on the go.

Knowledge Management
Give your teams the right tools to solve customer problems faster, by developing, refining and coordinating information and processes.

Harness the power of AI

The platform uses AI, machine learning and automation to make your workforce more efficient and make better decisions. The solutions provide an intuitive, streamlined experience for administrators and end users, allowing them to spend more time with the customer and less time on the administrative process after contact.

Moreover, the solutions are designed to enhance the agent experience, whether it’s flexibility in scheduling, feedback, coaching or automated workflows. Improving the agent experience can increase employee engagement and retain top talent.

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