Chatbots, self-service and automation

The number of times companies have customer contact is growing tremendously. This is largely because interaction via social media, live chat and e-mail is widely chosen. Queues are getting longer because there are not enough people available to handle all these customer requests. And that causes annoyance for customers. Meanwhile, often most needed information is already available through the website, so customers would not have to wait long. The fact is that answering calls 24/7 means little if customers are not getting the help they need.

Enhanced customer experience

With digital self-service through a virtual assistant, the customer experience gets a lot better.

Consider AI channels such as virtual agents and self-service. AI channels simplify customer self-service and increase customer satisfaction. Virtual agents using machine learning and AI technology today are much more than just payment processors and turnarounds.

Improved customer experience

Virtual agents

Virtual agents are sophisticated chatbots. They are the future of customer service: 24/7 working, agile self-service solutions powered by conversational AI and machine learning – and they are never sick. The combination of automation and human interaction enables naturally flowing conversations through chat channels (voice-activated and digital).

Virtual agents can provide full customer support through a conversational interface that simulates an actual person. It can understand customer questions and provide personalized answers. Through techniques such as Natural Language Understanding (NLU), customers experience natural two-way dialogue with support in multiple languages. Customers get the answers to their questions, at the time they need them.

This increases customer satisfaction and relieves your support team in terms of regular questions or referrals to the appropriate department. This allows your staff to focus on challenging, valuable customer requests.

Virtual agents V2

Visual tool

Offer your customers a hassle-free self-service experience. Take advantage of our visual tool, which allows you to create intelligent IVR flows without technical knowledge. Includes referral to a live assistant, if needed.

The visual tool provides a clear picture of the customer journey and has convenient self-service features, such as an AI trainer and a design tool. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows you to design automated phone menus that can be quickly and easily customized to your organization’s specific needs. The AI models can be continuously improved with the tool for more successful interactions and better customer satisfaction.

Visual tool