This year, ViPcom will again be extensively represented at the Call Center event of the year: the Open Sailing 2023. This will take place on June 22 at Jachthaven ‘t Anker in Oud Loosdrecht. ViPcom has been involved in this event for quite some time and is very supportive of the organization and the participants.

About Open Sailing

Open Sailing is the networking event of the customer contact industry. This event provides a great opportunity for contact center industry professionals to come together, gain knowledge, establish new relationships and plan for the future.

“Water connects and strengthens the network!”

Why Open Sailing

  • Sailing

Relax and enjoy the surroundings and quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

  • Networking

Immerse yourself in the inspiring stories of peers. Share your own unique story and inspire others with your experiences. Get to know each other in a unique way

  • A wet and dry

From start to finish this was super organized!

Day Program

09:00-09:30: walk-in and registration, morning program

09:30-11:30: start various workshops

10:30-11:30: walk-in and registration, sponsors, participants and guests

11:30-12:00: opening and start of lunch

12:00-12:15: skippers meeting

12:30-17:00: departure of the boats

17:00-22:00: networking drinks + BBQ/buffet

22:22-22:00: end of Open Sailing

If you still want to participate, please let us know!

This can be done by calling +31 (0) 88 847 26 66 or by sending us an e-mail info@vipcom.nl.

We look forward to The Open Sailing 2023!