That customer needs and expectations change rapidly is nothing new and we see it reflected daily at ViPcom. More and more companies are recognizing and acknowledging the added value of Customer Experience (CX, providing excellent service to customers) as a differentiator. What makes one organization better at CX than another differs primarily in will and do. For example, an organization’s core values have a big impact on CX execution. KPMG’s research “A Digital Walk to Remember-2019 EN Customer Experience Excellence analysis,” provides insights into the differentiating CX factors.

Speaking is silver, listening is gold

What makes customer expectations keep changing and getting higher? Where brands “used to” be able to exert a lot of influence themselves, the power now lies with consumers because everyone is connected online and can share experiences. In particular, millennials are the ones influencing expectations across generations and consumers by being increasingly informed and digitally savvy.

The secret of CX: makes customer experience memorable

Higher customer expectations

Six pillars are distinguished in CX performance, with personalization, integrity and time and effort considered most important by Dutch consumers. Interestingly, expectations of all pillars increased the most in 2019 compared to 2018

Promising is silver, delivering is gold

The focus of organizations to improve their CX is deeply rooted in core values to capture hearts, minds and spending (wallets). For organizations, the key is to convert goals and values of an organization into the ultimate CX. What matters is that you create a customer experience that leaves an unforgettable impression, keeping the customer coming back to you again and again. Deliver on your promises and you will have a super-loyal customer.

Digital footprint

Online, consumers are leaving a digital footprint. Data is gold to improve the online customer experience. Note that competitors are increasingly concerned about how their data is handled, so be open and transparent about this!

Conclusion: the value of CX

The value of CX is ever increasing to be top of mind with your target audience. To make the CX concrete, core values are essential. Why do you want to do something with CX for your customers? Because just good service isn’t enough anymore. The six pillars are an excellent foundation for determining how far you can or want to go to achieve provide the ultimate CX experience . For a price-competitive telecom provider lies differently than a retail exclusive brand. A bit clich√©, but making a difference with clients is in the little things. A small gesture, such as a flower or card, proactive approach, etc.

Tomorrow everything will be different (again)

This survey was conducted among 5052 consumers, 48170 brand evaluations and 10 industries. How impermanent the research is can be seen by the number of new entrants: 21 new brand names in the top 100 list. Never mind that this study provides insight into CX of various organizations. Curious about CX strategies from the top 100? Read the full study here: https://bit.ly/2rwPdoj